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How 5 Minutes Can Help You Create Your Own Success

I’ve spent a lot of time over the years searching for information on the internet and then reading ‘related’ blog articles that turned out to contain a lot of fluff.  Maybe you have been enticed by those articles too – the ones with catchy titles like “10 Things Holding You Back From Success”, or “5 Habits of Top Sales People”.  Sure, there have been some good articles, but a lot of it was just a time suck.

So when I started thinking about creating a place on my website to share the M.A.D. Selling training, I knew I didn’t just want it to be a place for random blog articles about sales.  I wanted it to be a place where you would read and implement the training because you knew it would help you be more successful and make a difference for others.  I also wanted you to be able to read each training in just 5 minutes.  (Because we all have a lot on our plates!)

The best experience possible for you:

  • You get specific and actionable training that you can implement in your life.
  • You’re busy, so each training only takes you about 5 minutes to read. When you know it’s just going to take a short time, you’ll be more likely to read the whole thing instead of skimming.  And since this training is for you, I wanted to be sure you wanted to read it!
  • If you’re excited to build your success and make a difference for others, you can start each week with 5 minutes of M.A.D. Selling mojo.  You get it exclusively delivered to your Inbox each week.
  • If you want to spend more time on any training, it’s easy to find the one you need because they are sequentially numbered.
  • Each training includes an action item – a chance for you to ‘try on’ the training and start to make it part of your everyday life. The very best way to learn something is to put training into practice as soon as you learn it.
  • Trainings are delivered to you in bite sized pieces, so you’ll only have one action item to work on each week.  You can do this!
  • You will have the opportunity to actively participate in each training via the comments section included with each Journal post. I respond to comments and provide feedback, so it’s a great place to begin to introduce yourself, share your thoughts and questions.  Remember, other people who have signed up for the M.A.D. Selling Journal are a lot like you – wanting to learn how to make a difference for others while creating their own success.



I know you are here because you really want to create your own success while making a difference for others.  So I encourage you to act on your Action Items right away, while the training is still fresh in your mind.  It will go a long way toward helping you be the best you can be!

Your action item for this week is to introduce yourself in the comments below and let me know where you are on your sales journey – are you thinking about getting into sales, are you brand new in sales, are you struggling with sales, are you a small business owner who has a great product or service and you know you need to sell?

And tell me, what is your biggest frustration with trying to learn how to sell?

See you in the comments!

Make a Difference for Others

PS – Do you know someone who wants to make a difference for others while creating their own success? Then I hope you will invite them to visit M.A.D.  You can make a difference for others right now!

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